Support For Employees

Share how you're feeling. Talking about how you feel and what's on your mind can help you maintain your mental health and deal with times when you may feel troubled. Identify someone you feel comfortable with and who will be supportive. Don't forget, being open yourself may also help encourage others to be more open with their feelings too.

Everyone experiences ups and downs with their mental health and wellbeing. Those who are able to manage their mental health better are usually those who are able to talk about things. There are various ways you can do this. If your employer has an Employee Assistance Programme, you can use this service, which is confidential and can be accessed for free without your workplace finding out. There may also be occupational health services that you can access through your line manage or HR department. Of course, you can also speak to your GP about how you are feeling and they will be able to suggest ways to help, or put you in touch with other specialist services.

Have a break. This can be a short 5-10 minutes away from what you're doing. if you are able to plan downtime such as a relaxing weekend exploring a new place or going for a walk in nature, these can be good ways to destress. If your employer offers mental health days, you may wish to use one of these.

Regular exercise is something that has been proven to boost your self-esteem, as well as help with concentration and sleep (something important to help you look after your mental wellbeing). Even something like going out for a walk on your break or building in exercise classes or gym sessions into your routine.

A – Approach, asses, and assist with any crisis

L – Listen non-judgmentally

G – Give support and information

E – Encourage appropriate professional help

E – Encourage other supports

If you are someone who drinks alcohol, make sure you are doing so in moderation. Alcohol can often change our mood, but these changes are only temporary. Be careful of how much alcohol you're consuming as this can lead to other side effects such as feeling anxious or low.

Have any hobbies that help you to take your mind off of things? From sports teams to painting, to dancing or to attending live music, if you have something you enjoy and that you are good at, make time for it in your schedule.

Access Support

There’s a lot of help out there, so make the most of it and speak to someone.

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