Support For Businesses

Regular one-to-one meetings and catchups with staff to find out how they’re getting on can be something that can be implemented fairly easily. This doesn’t have to be a face-to-face meeting, this can be a phone call or zoom meeting – whatever works for your business.

Share regular content surrounding mental health and wellbeing with your workplace, via newsletters or your company platform if you have an internal platform available. This could start with identifying the mental health first aiders within the business and signposting employees to your Employee Assistance Programme. Ensure that any mental health first aiders are known across the business, have posters encouraging people to talk, and make the most of technology such as QR codes to again make access to support as easy as possible.

To encourage more people to talk more and speak up about their mental health, we need to remove stigma attached with it. Make the most of mental health days such as 'Brew Monday' or 'Time to Talk' day as a way to reach out to your employees and share regular content that signposts towards support.

The more qualified Mental Health First Aiders you have within your business, the more likely you are to spot the signs of anyone experiencing poor mental health.

Making information readily available is another way to provide support, meaning resources can be accessed at any point by employees rather than them necessarily having to ask for help before discussing it with a member of staff.

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