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How it all started:

After HTM’s Managing Director, Greg Baldwin, and Business Director, Marcus Casey, attended mental health first aid training in 2017, they realised the extent of mental health issues in the workplace and how this could be impacting their own workforce, spurring on the idea of the initiative and the eventual release of the ‘Talk More’ video.

In addition the short film, the business introduced an anonymous wellbeing questionnaire to gauge the status of mental health within their own workforce, with the findings confirming that support within this area was a necessity, “we found that a large percentage of our workforce would benefit from an outlet and ongoing support, “ commented Greg. “Talk More is about starting the conversation and letting employees know that mental health is not a taboo topic. As a business we should want to support their mental health and it is mutually beneficial for both employees and the business to normalise conversations surrounding mental health and wellbeing.”

The campaign was very well received and from October 2017-October 2018, around 12% of all HTM employees came forward to discuss their mental health.

Having been well-received within the industry, in 2020 HTM’s Talk More campaign was awarded the ‘Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Highways Sector’ Award. This further encouraged HTM to take the Talk More initiative further than the HTM business alone and see how this could be used as a force to drive further positive change within the industry and get other businesses to take a closer look at mental health within their own workplace.

The Statistics:

Talk More circulated a mental health survey to stakeholders in which it received over 180 responses from traffic management operatives across the UK. Amongst the results, it was discovered that:

  • Over 38% have suffered with mental health issues whilst in employment. That means that for every 3-or 4-man crew working on the HE network carrying out traffic management, at least 1 of them is struggling with mental health issues.
  • 18% of the 186 individuals have taken time off work as a result of poor mental health.
  • Shockingly, 43% of participants didn’t feel their companies supported them well when it came to mental health first aid.

What next?

The Talk More initiative has evolved and has now set its  sights on the wider traffic management and highways sector, looking to encourage more companies to invest in mental health and wellbeing to support their employees to talk more.

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